Archetype is a recently developed company composed of film experts theat have bulit a foundation of talent in both cast and crew to help structure the ever changing independent film industry. We are able to offer a variety of services to assist in the arrangement of any project from a casting and crewing, to consultation and production.
Together we are looking to create a new standard in film

Gabriel Cruz


Gabriel Cruz started in media production and in photography development right out of high school. While attending Clayton State University he studied visual media and sold video and photography cameras at Wolf Camera. After working independently with music artists editing their video he returned to Clayton State University where he the took the Film Technician program to further his career. That program led him to create Archetype and where he met and partnered with the other officers in Archetype.

Josh Duhon

Creative Officer

Josh Duhon started down the film path in 2010 by attending the Art Institute of Atlanta for Digital Film and Video Production. Using his new found knowledge, Josh started reaching out and making connections wherever possible, leading him to being a 1st AC on set with Gabriel Cruz who took notice of his skills and began to call upon him for various cinematography opportunities. Due to the strong working relationship that arose between the them, Josh was brought on as Archetype’s Chief Creative Officer where he is now in charge of scheduling, generating ideas for content, and creating graphics, such as the company's logo.

Justin Corn

Technolgly Officer

With a pervious background in sound degsin and music production, Justin Corn transistioned to working in film and media production in 2014. Utilizing the training he picked up in Dark Horse studios he found a perfect fit applying those skils to recording live concert videos and small independent projects. In 2015, he attended Clayton State taking the Film Technican program where he met the rest of Archetype. In 2016 he was assigned to the sound department on an Archetype shoot and quickly stood out with his work ethic and sound expertise.

Thrun Joji


Tharun "TJ" Joji began his film career at a young age working in the independent film scene of London. In 2014, TJ moved to Atlanta and began looking for like-minded individuals, eventually crossing paths with Gabriel Cruz and becoming one of his go to crew members for Archetype's sets. TJ has been a part of the majority of Archetype productions from 1st AD to Director of Photography. After working on multiple projects together, TJ was requested by Gabriel to manage the policies and procedures of the company and assist in its growth.